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Supporting Mobile Baykeeper - April & May

Hey y'all! Long time no write! I've just donated by humble $11 to my charity of choice for April & May: Mobile Baykeeper. As long as I have my Etsy up and running, I'm committing to donating 10% of my profits to a non-profit of my choice, which I'll change every few months or so. Here's my proof of purchase because I hold myself accountable!

Now for some background on the organization. According to their website, Mobile Baykeeper "exists to defend and revive the health of the water in Coastal Alabama." Last Fall, I worked in a marine science and social sciences lab at the University of South Alabama. Baykeeper's Swim Guide was a huge help for my work mapping public water access sites and water quality in Mobile Bay! They also hosted a few trivia nights at Braided River. My friends and I were trivia regulars, so obviously that was a huge plus for us. But seriously, this organization is so important. Alabama is one of the states that sees the largest release of toxins into the environment, meaning its waterways are contaminated with toxins that affect human development. People are fishing and recreating in these waters without knowing the potential harm to their bodies. Baykeeper's work to track water quality and advocate for regulations on toxin dumping are so crucially important!

And while a lot of us might not think of Alabama as a beautiful seaside destination, Alabama's beaches are one of the most beautiful places I've ever been! Coastal Alabama is also an important ecosystem. Also coming from Mobile Baykeeper: "The Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, a 40-mile-long braid of rivers and bayous, unfolds over a vast expanse of cypress swamps, bottomland forests, marshes, and bogs. Below the Delta, a labyrinth of dense marshes and brackish rivers feed into Mobile Bay, making it a critical nursery for marine life. One of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the world, the waterways are the source of life for our communities. We depend on the water to drink, play, fish, and swim in."

And finally, how could I not include some photos from my time there?

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