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  • Charlotte Collins

Call for Art - "Art as Liberation" Grassroots Zine

Hi! I'm Charlotte, a queer disabled non-binary artist following a pipe dream I've had for a few years about creating my own art zine to collect and present the work of fellow artists. Here's what you need to know about this call for art for my humble grassroots zine:

  • this is a grassroots operation. I'm volunteering my time and resources in hopes of creating a little artist community as I go. I don't have a large following yet - this will be promoted by word of mouth via social media, art markets, email, etc.! If your art is chosen for the zine, you are expected to do your part in sharing the project with your communities

  • this will be a virtual art zine UNLESS I can raise the funds to support a print copy - a true zine!

  • submissions will open August 30th and close October 15th. submission cost is on a sliding scale: 0 to $30. all funds will go towards this project

  • zine release will be in mid-November

  • The theme is "Art as Liberation". This is purposefully broad. Feel free to contact me if you'd like to hear my interpretation ( or message me on social media)

  • No fan fictions

  • I'm inspired by 90s punk zines - so think that, but a little more professional, when it comes to this zine's design

Submission Guidelines

  • Visual work: submit up to three images per piece (.jpg or .png), with at least one high-quality image (at least 1500 px) to be published. Can include up to 250-character description. Title: LastName_FirstName_Title

  • Written work: 300 word limit. Creative work only (no non-fiction journalistic work). You can be political as long as you do not become discriminatory.

  • Three submissions per person

  • Expletives are allowed


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