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Available art prints and pricing below.

I offer custom art prints upon request. Email me!

Most of my paintings posted on the "Paintings" page are available for purchase.

Email me with inquiries.

Commissions are OPEN! 

More information can be found below.


When in doubt, email me! I'm always happy to talk.

I'm open to trades and collaborations!

Payment & Shipping Info​

  • I currently DO NOT have an online store, as I am focusing on fine art opportunities. EMAIL ME!

  • I use Venmo and PayPal for online payments.

  • I ship my work within the US. Local pick-up or meet up available around the Boston, MA and Providence, RI areas.



  • My skillset is in colorful still life and digital collage compositions. Food and knick knacks are my favorite things to paint.

  • I take commissions in acrylic or oil paintings, at the same cost.

  • At this time, I do not paint pet or human portraits. I may accept a commission of a person looking away. Landscapes are not my specialty, but I may accept a landscape commission if I feel it suits my style.

  • At smaller scales, I will only accept simple images with 1 - 2 items. I’m not the person to make your teeny tiny detailed painting. 

  • Before you reach out, look at my past work at and ensure that you are looking for a painting in my demonstrated style.

  • The below price list shows my minimum price point at each size, on stretched canvas. More detailed or difficult subject matter will cost more, as we will discuss.

  • As canvas size goes up, my price per area goes down! This is because I prefer and find it easier to paint big. 

  • Costs of materials are included in my price estimates. Costs of shipping are NOT and will be additional. In person pick up is available in Providence, RI.

  • I offer free consultations and composition design. I charge 1/3 of the cost after we decide on a composition and before I pick up a paintbrush. I charge 2/3 of the cost + shipping at the completion of the painting. Edits to the painting can be made at an additional cost.

Price Chart

5” x 7” = $100

8” x 10” = $160

9” x 12” = $215

11” x 14” = $300

12” x 16” = $350

16” x 20” = $450

24” x 30” = $550

30” x 40” = $650

Art Prints


Art prints are on sold a sliding scale. You decide what you can pay.

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