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  • Charlotte Collins

Show @ Zumi's in Topsfield

My show at Zumi's Café and Espresso opened this week! Stop in and grab a latte at 40 Main St, Topsfield, MA.

It's the start of a month and a half filled with fun art events to look forward to. It's crazy to reflect back on how the past year has gone. I've moved across the country and moved back in with my parents, had my first full-time job and developed a chronic illness that took away my mobility, I picked up art again and here I am living out milestones that I've dreamed of for years. I still have a long way to grow on my art journey, but just being here in the first few steps is more than I thought I would accomplish in the next five years. This past year has beaten me up and put me back on the path of my passions. Now that I'm here, I know I won't give up on my art dreams without a fight!

Zumi's was the first job that I started when I was 16. It changed my life for the better so dramatically that I wrote my college essay about it, funnily enough. My coworkers at Zumi's were the first people who taught me that it is okay not to have everything figured out and that it's admirable to continue devoting energy to your passions, even if it is only a pipe dream. It's amazing to see everything that Zillie and Umesh have accomplished. Zumi's has been so supportive of my work. This is my second art show in one of their shops!

I'm proud of myself for what I accomplished this year, and you should be proud of yourselves, too, whatever stage of life you may be at. One of the best parts of life is that there is always a bright future to look forward to.

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