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  • Charlotte Collins

Earring Making

In honor of launching my Etsy store this week, I'm sharing a peek into my earring making process. I use polymer clay to make all of my earrings.

My love for polymer clay began in my childhood with these legendary creations:

Steve the Silly Unicorn

(I think this one was a product of my Charlie the Unicorn obsession)

Turtle with a Battery

(This is from Impractical Jokers. Iconic.)

Thumb Lady

(I have no explanation.)

I like to think my polymer clay abilities have gotten a bit better since then, although my sense of humor has not changed :/

Polymer clay is oven-bake clay, meaning the process is fairly simple.

1. Make the earrings

2. Bake the earrings

3. Paint the earrings (optional). I use acrylic paint.

4. Put jump rings on the earrings

5. Glaze the earrings

6. Assemble the earrings

It's a pretty simple but lengthy process. And one that's pretty difficult for me to document without a tripod, so maybe buy my earrings so I can buy one? lol

Here are the photos I do have.

From the painting phase (press the arrows):

From the jump ring phase:

Drying the glaze:

click me! ^

Perhaps now you are enticed to check out my Etsy store? Become a follower? Maybe even buy a pair of earrings? Hehe

Etsy store here! sandcherrycreative

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