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This title would've worked better if it was Tuesday, haha. This is going to be another short one. I'm still in my flare, but today was better because I think I may have figured out what my predicament is: vestibular migraines. I shall seek medical advice.

Painting has been a lifeline for me throughout my past six months (cough cough two years) of mystery health ailments and the slow falling apart of my life as I knew it. My family, my wonderful boyfriend, and my friends have also been so essential in their support of me. I feel like I'm writing an acceptance speech, lol. But coming back to painting and embracing my creativity has been such an incredible silver lining to this whole thing. I feel very connected to the high school version of myself who used painting as a lifeline, too. <3

I'm recently looking for calls for art and making some paintings just to apply for certain shows. I'm going to submit today's painting to a local show called Red, White, & Blue. It still needs some work, but I'm happy with how it's going so far :)

Tik Tok process video:

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