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  • Charlotte Collins

An Alla Prima evening

Hello from my kitchen table!

Today was a good, long painting day in my 'studio', aka a room in my parent's basement. This is how I've been spending most of my days now, and I can't say I mind it! I used to spend hours every day in my high school's art studio working on my AP portfolio. Then 8-hour classes at the SMFA as a Studio Art major. And then, somehow, I didn't touch oil paint for four years! It feels good to be back in the swing of it.

This evening I did a quick alla prima painting of a bouquet of flowers my boyfriend bought me (after I brought him to the grocery store for that purpose... lol). Alla prima means to complete a painting in one sitting. Typically, oil paintings are done in multiple layers that take days to dry in between. That is how I choose to do most of my oil paintings. If I'm being dramatic, I live for the moment I get to start a new underpainting. So alla prima is a bit of a challenge for me. That said, funnily enough, alla prima was the only way I could paint for years! Until my SMFA professor changed me.

So, welcome into my studio this evening, the scene of meditative alla prima flower time. I couldn't resist adding the Cafe Bustelo can.

P.S. I'll be honest, I'm not happy with this painting in the least. But the point of alla prima, for me, is to enjoy the process. And that I did.

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