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i. liberating words // nicolette fowler

i burst out laughing at a red light and i could blame
it on delirium or call it high on life
because everything has changed
spun wildly out of control
you can't count on anything but uncertainty
and the man to my left is yelling on the phone while
i'm yelling at the sky
confliction and wonder go hand in hand
the emotions that eat us alive
and this life can be anything we make it
all these things we find ourselves yelling about
I'M IN LOVE and i hate it here
and i'm gripping on the steering wheel of these
fleeting moments
losing my mind on the freeway
chasing, desiring
we are all just searching for acceptance in what
drives us mad


Snip! Stitch! Sew! // Charlotte Collins
Oil on canvas

hanson_jackie_othergirls - Jackie Hanson.jpg

Other Girls // Jackie Hanson
Mixed media

A conscious rebellion against the phrase "not like other girls" as something to be admired. I embrace feminine aesthetics to reclaim the unique power of femmes.

DB8C83D8-BA32-4B25-8776-7ECF8BCF4A8D - luna farron.jpeg

Fields of distortion // Farron Strobel
Acrylic, modeling paste

Psychedelic pointillism piece

Art amplifies voices that have often been silenced, providing a platform for all individuals to share their stories and perspectives with a broader audience. This act of self-expression challenges stereotypes and misconceptions, fostering a more inclusive and empathetic society. As a disabled person, creating my own worlds & making them a reality has been the most liberating experience. I'm able to embrace a pain-free world through my art, i'm able to explore boundless human spirit. Through artistic expression, eye transcend physical limitations, finding my voice & my identity beyond disability. Art IS liberation.

// Farron Strobel


A free world (collection) 
// Farron Strobel

An alternate reality within my mind

IMG_2629 - Bethany Clarke.jpeg

Mama Snake
// Bethany Clarke
Linocut print

This image symbolizes the nurturing spirit required for liberation.
The snake is not often seen as a traditional mother figure (not particularly warm or fuzzy) but she can still nurture the baby snakes in her own way.

Nectarines // Alondra Caceres Corporan

Slowly sinking further down into the ceramic bowl

I cry again 

For the nice memory again

I’ve squandered into the toilet

My sister was so kind to tell me

“Just eat it and enjoy it”

And it made me cry

And I ate it down too fast 

And I cried again

Seeing those sweet things forced out of my throat down that drain again

While she calls

“Do you remember…”

My sister is sweet as to give me another nectarine memory

And I cry again because this one I’ll savor better

Schneider_Maggie_Surviving - Maggie Schneider.jpg

Surviving // Maggie Rose Schneider
Acrylic paint on wood panel

I have Chronic Migraines and struggle with my mental health. I take a lot of medication just to function normally in society. Invisible illness can become all consuming and often times I forget or find it hard to actually live and not just survive.

Body Image (poetry by Ocean Vuong)
// Caitlin F Shields
Digital collage

These collage pieces incorporate found photos and ones personal to me, as well as both original poetry and credited poetry. This series attempts to visually convey life with chronic illness. They explore a variety of topics including one’s relationship between food and the body, and creating and experiencing wonderful things, while living with physical and mental pain.

// Caitlin F Shields

6CA56B02-A3A1-4E6A-89E0-CC95876794EE - Caitlin Shields.jpeg

On Creating in Solitude 
// Caitlin F Shields

Digital collage

A9BE0813-8753-4676-8973-8B952220C074 - Caitlin Shields.jpeg

No More Gray
// Caitlin F Shields

Digital collage

I Don't Want to Work I Want To Live 
// Charlotte Collins

Oil on canvas

Being a Doll // Lilia True
Risograph print in fluorescent pink and light teal

ii. liberating words // nicolette fowler

how often do we look up and realize how insignificant we are
not in a way to demoralize us
but in a way to realize
that none of this matters
we are led by materialism and expectations
molds we don't fit in
unaccepting atmospheres
and when we wrap our heads around the fact
we are just one tiny particle of matter in a big wide universe
we realize
none of this matters
and perhaps

it costs nothing to be led by love

contributing artists

nicolette fowler

Charlotte Collins

Jackie Hanson

Farron Strobel
Instagram: @farronsart

Alondra Caceres Corporan

Maggie Rose Schneide
Instagram: @maggieroseschneider_art

Bethany Clarke

Instagram: @bethanymclarke

Caitlin F Shields
Instagram: @wiggly_lemon

Etsy: @LotsofLittleThingsRI

Lilia True
Instagram: @liliatrue

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