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Welcome to Sand Cherry Creative

Charlotte Collins (she/they) combines the mediums of paint and collage to explore modalities of resistance to neoliberalism. Much of their work explores the theory that Do-It-Yourself (DIY) culture is a form of quiet resistance to neoliberalism. According to extended self theory, we associate important objects with pieces of our identity. Through creating, DIYers craft identities outside the monetary constraints of consumer society and learn technical skills without the help of a paid professional. Recently, Charlotte has expanded their practice to explore other moments where individuals reclaim their self-identities from neoliberal society through homemaking, spending time in nature, and resting. How do our interior design choices contribute to our senses of self and safety? How can we use nature to keep us grounded and present? How does rest become a radical act of resistance to our productivity-obsessed culture? 


Above all, Charlotte is inspired by the evidence that despite the difficulties we collectively face in a warming world governed by greed and inequality, the vast majority of us choose again and again to live with love and with joy. Their art is an ode to the resilience of human kindness and care.

Achievements in the Fine Arts

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Current Shows

  • Group exhibition, "I Am A Revolutionary," Downtown CREDO, Orlando, FL.     February 19 to June 30, 2024

  • Group exhibition, "Up and Coming," The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, Gloucester, MA. April 4 - May 19.

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